There are three options for live closed captions in ohyay: having a live scribe type into a special ohyay interface, using a third-party site, or using an automated caption solution. If you're interested in using a captions file on a prerecorded video, see Closed Captions on Prerecorded Videos .

If you have a live scribe doing the captioning in ohyay:

  1. Click on “Element” in the menu bar and select “Insert Element” > “Closed Captioning Input.” The scribe will write into this box.
  2. In the main room, click on “Element” in the menu bar and select “Insert Element” > “Closed Captioning Display.” The captions will appear in this box.

You will want to let users toggle on/off the closed captioning display. To do this:

  1. Make the caption display “Visible For Condition” with the condition “Current user has tag captions."
  2. Make a closed caption icon in the lower right with an action of “Current user add tag captions."
  3. Add another button to toggle off the captions that sits on top of the “on” button, with an action of “Current User remove tag captions." Set its visibility to “Current User has tag captions."

If you’re using a third-party site (e.g.

  1. Click on “Element” in the menu bar and select “Insert Element” > “Website / IFrame.”
  2. Click on the IFrame element to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel.
  3. Enter the URL of the third-party site next to “Start URL” in the “Element” section of the IFrame’s settings.

If you’re using an automated caption solution like (recommended):

  1. Insert an IFrame element into your ohyay room for the captions (and set it up so it is able to be toggled by users).
  2. Download Loopback for Mac ($99).
  3. Open Chrome and go to chrome://settings/content/microphone.
  4. Choose Loopback audio as your default microphone device.
  5. Go to in Chrome.
  6. On the Caption Ninja page, you should see a link that says “the output of this app is mirrored here." 7. Copy that link, and paste the URL into the IFrame element in your ohyay room.
  7. Configure Loopback to send the output of Firefox audio to the Loopback audio device.
  8. The captions should be displayed and viewable by everyone.


Screenshare vs. IFrame

If you're using instead of, screenshare the webcaptioner window instead of using an IFrame.

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