We support closed captions files for display on prerecorded videos. We use the HTML5 video tracks for this. We recommend using VTT captions files.

First, upload your VTT files to the asset manager.

Next, on your video element, click the pencil next to "Video Captions URL" and select your uploaded VTT file.

There is a property on the video called "Video Captions Visible", which you can set to yes, no, or user-controlled. In a typical setup we would like to provide a closed caption button that users can select to enable the captions. To set this up:

  1. Set the Video Captions Visible to 'no'.
  2. Insert a toggle element.
  3. Set the toggle's on and off element to a closed caption on/off icon.
  4. Set the toggle's on action to User -> Current User -> add tag -> "captions".
  5. Set the toggle's off action to User -> Current User -> remove tag -> "captions".
  6. Make a new action button in the notes and controls, which will turn on captions for users that have the tag.
  7. Set the apply-on-condition to User -> Current User -> has tag -> "captions".
  8. Uncheck "apply for all users".
  9. Set the action to Video -> your video -> Video Captions Visible -> 'yes'.

Now, whenever a user clicks the toggle button, it will add or remove the captions tag, which will then cause the captions to show or not on the video.

For an example of this, you can import an example room to your space. The example is called "Prerecorded Video with Captions Example".

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