If someone has "Director-only" access, they'll help you direct the event but won't be able to edit your space.

To give someone "Director-only" access:

  1. Click on the pen icon next to "Director-only Admins."
  2. Add their email address.
  3. Click "Save."

🎬 Director Mode

Director Mode is a hybrid between Creator and Viewer Modes, allowing you access high-level controls. It's also helpful for testing out elements such as buttons and chat boxes.

To toggle Director Mode:

  • Click on the clapperboard icon at the top of your screen or hold down alt/option.** The clapperboard icon should turn red.
  • Click on the camera projector icon again to come back into Creator Mode.


🎬 Director-only Access

We recommend giving "Director-Only" access to collaborators who will help run your event but don't need access to the backend, such as a TA.

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