A mirror participant element can be used to duplicate a video stream from another participant element. It can be used to achieve an effect like this:

To make a mirror participant element, insert a new participant element into your canvas. Under "Advanced", open the "Mirror Participant Element" and choose another participant element in the scene. Your element will now "mirror" whatever is shown in the other element.

Note: a mirrored participant element is not a normal "joinable" element, meaning you cannot drag-and-drop someone into this element (you must drag-and-drop into the original element that this one is mirroring).


Mirroring into Other Rooms

You can mirror elements that are in a different room, too. Just keep in mind that the person who is being mirrored will not know that people in another room can see/hear them.



Mirror elements may soon be deprecated in favor of a special mirror mode on the element. They will still be supported however.

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