Publishing a room

Publishing your room makes it available for creators to import into their workspaces. You do not have to publish your room to invite friends to it.

To publish your room or small set of rooms to the public Room Gallery:

  • Open up your workspace in ohyay studio and go to Room > Publish Room.
  • Enter a title for your room.
  • Write a description for your room that is 140 characters or less (e.g. "An auditorium room for giving talks to a large off-screen audience of up to 400. Good for conference talks and large presentations").
  • If desired, click on Add Rooms under Rooms to Publish and select rooms from the dropdown to add more rooms to your set.
  • Provide descriptive tags (e.g. interactive, watch party) so creators can easily discover your room.
  • Click Publish.

Click “Optional” to provide more information about your room (e.g. what your room is specifically designed for, tips for creators importing your room). You can also attach a demo video.

Your room will now appear in the Room Gallery. Go to Room > Import Room and Show All Rooms to see your room.

Publishing a workspace

You’ll want to publish a workspace when you have a navigation bar setup that will not carry over to a set of rooms. When you publish a workspace, creators can see the full experience of your event.

To publish a workspace, open up your workspace and go to Workspace > Publish Workspace.

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