👏 Customizing Reactions Across Your Workspace

Under "Defaults" in Workspace Settings, you can customize default emoji reactions that are available across your space. (You can still change the default in individual rooms).

Reactions are one of the most popular features in ohyay. With reactions in the "Reactions Bar" at the bottom of the screen, your guests can react to the conversation with custom emojis.

To change out the emojis in the "Reactions Bar":

  • Click on the pen tool and select the emojis of your choice from the emoji library.

Some other reactions settings include:

  • Allow Bitmoji Reactions: Allows your audience to send reactions associated with their bitmoji.
  • Allow Custom Reactions: Allows your audience to choose their own emojis to react with.
  • Allow Private Reactions: Allows participants to send private reactions to other participants.
  • Allow Text Reactions: Allows your audience to send chats from the Reactions Bar that disappear after a few seconds on screen.

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