Room Gallery

How can I access the ohyay room gallery?

Click on Room in the top menu bar. Select Import from Room Gallery to open the room gallery.

Aspect Ratio

What aspect ratio & resolution do you recommend for background images?

We recommend a 1920 x 1080 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio). You can also upload a video as your background.

Room Navigation

I’m not sure how many guests to expect at my event. Can I include extra rooms in my space just in case, and turn them on if a lot of people show up?

Yes! Adding new rooms as the event progresses is a great way to keep things exciting and manage the number of people in each room. To turn a room on and off, check/uncheck the box next to Show in Room Navigator in your room's settings.

How do I set up room navigation for my workspace, so people can easily move between rooms?

By default, your guests will see a list of rooms (and who's in them) on the left side of the screen. The list is populated automatically based on the rooms in your space. Users can click on a room in the list to move between rooms.


Is there a way to stop the emojis from the reaction bar from interfering so much in the room?

Yes. You can adjust how high up the emojis go when triggered, among other settings. In your room's settings, under Reactions, you'll find Reaction Emoji Height. Try sliding this down to .10-.20, and see how the emojis appear lower on the screen.

Is there a way to disable reactions during an event?

Yes, you can turn off reactions by unchecking Enable Reactions in your Room or Workspace Settings. You can also turn off Audio Reactions and Custom Reactions if you want to limit your audience's ability to react with their own emojis.

How can I disable the **pop** sound on text reactions?

Click to disable Play Sound for Text in your room settings.


How do I add a live Google Doc to my room?

You can add an iFrame of any website by clicking on by clicking on the plus icon in the Toolbar, and searching Website/ Iframe. Enter the URL to the website in the text box next to Start URL in the iFrames' settings in the Advanced Properties panel.


Is there a way to allow users to draw on-screen?

We have an Allow Painting property in the rooms that gives users the ability to paint right on the scene.

Template Rooms

Is there a way to copy a room and have it create a template?

You can use the APPLY TEMPLATE ROOM CHANGES to have a common element run through an entire space.

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