You can stream RTMP streams directly into ohyay video elements. To start, create a video element.

Select the newly created video element by clicking on it in the scene canvas. Use the search box in the property grid on the right to search for "rtmp". You should see an option to Use RTMP. Check the box next to this option. You should see something like this.

The RTMP Base URL and RTMP Key are read-only properties that you can input into your RTMP streaming program. The RTMP Key Suffix identifies your stream within your workspace. Two video elements with the same RTMP Key Suffix will play the same video, allowing you to broadcast a single RTMP stream into multiple video elements in your workspace. The RTMP Key automatically updates as you modify the key suffix.

Once you set the RTMP Key Suffix, you can set the RTMP Base URL and RTMP Key in your RTMP streaming program to being streaming into ohyay.

NOTE: Make sure you invoke Play on the video element to start playback

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