Security and Privacy

Allow Anonymous Users

When I invite users, can I do it in a way that they don't have to create an account?

Check Allow Anonymous Users in the Security section of the Workspace Settings in the right-hand panel. See ALLOW ANONYMOUS USERS for more info.

Workspace Access

I don't want to leave my workspace open so that anyone can enter at any time. How can I "lock down" my event?

We recommend having a "landing page" as your first room and checking the Hide Room Navigator setting, so that guests coming into your workspace will be "stuck" on that page. If you're in Editor or Director Mode, you can still drag them into another room. Please note- if guests have a direct link to a specific room they could still access it. Set your workspace to password-protected or invite-only if you wish to only allow users with a password, or specific users, to access the workspace.

You can make an invisible "Enter" button and then set it visible when the event starts. Read more about "Enter" buttons in THE BASICS: PART TWO.

How do I add a password to my workspace?

To set a password for your workspace:

  1. Click on Workspace at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click on All Users next to Authorization in the Security section of the Workspace Settings to pull up a dropdown menu.
  4. Select Password.
  5. Click on the icon next to Password.
  6. Enter the password for your event.
  7. Click Save.
Can others log into an event link I shared if I am not in the workspace? Do I need to be present to host?

Yes, as long as your guests have the event link and have permission to enter your workspace, they can hang out in your workspace without you.

Can I kick a person out of my workspace if they're being disruptive?

Yes. In Editor Mode, you can click on a guest's video in the left-hand room list, and a Ban action will be available in the right-hand panel.

If just want to kick them out of the user slot, you can drag them from the slot to the bottom left. A garbage can will appear when you start dragging.

How do I grant people access to Notes and Controls without giving them admin privileges?

To give someone Director-only access:

  1. Click on Workspace in the menu bar and select Settings.
  2. Click on the icon next to Director-only Admins.
  3. Add their email address.
  4. Click Save.

Room Access

How can I restrict room access to people with certain tags?

Click on Room in the menu bar and select Settings to access your room settings. In the Security category, you can modify these settings by checking Restrict Access to Select Users.

Data Collection

What data does ohyay collect?

We collect your email and your name. If the workspace is set to allow anonymous users, then an email address is not required. Our data privacy policy is detailed here:

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