Adding sound effects to your rooms can help create a more immersive experience.
You can have a short mp3 sound effect play when a user clicks an action button - i.e: the sound of a door opening when clicking a door that leads to another room.

Drag and drop the sound effect mp3 file into the Notes and Controls section of your room. (Located underneath the reactions bar):

Add an Action Button into your room:

With the Action Button selected, click the "notepad" icon next to Action in the ELEMENTS section to open up the Action Builder.

In the Action Builder select the mp3 file in the third dropdown menu, select Invoke in the fourth dropdown, then set the last dropdown to Play. This creates a simple action button that will play the sound effect mp3 when clicked.

You can add more steps into the same action button by clicking the + icon.
Adding a value into the "and wait" input field will set a time in between each step.

i.e: adding a value of 1.00 to the "and wait" field of the play mp3 step will trigger the mp3, then pause for 1 second before moving onto the next step.

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