Q: What happens if a workspace hits capacity?
A: When a workspace hits capacity, we show a message indicating that the space is full. Guests can click to try to enter again, and if someone leaves, they will be able to enter.

Workspace Creation

Q: Is there a limit to how many workspaces I can create?
A: No, not currently. Feel free to create as many workspaces as you'd like.

Q: How do I restore a workspace?
A: We save and automatically back up your workspaces, available under Workspace Versions in your Workspace Settings. Click on a backup name from the list to restore your space to a previously saved version.

Copying Workspaces/Rooms

Q: How do I copy a workspace?
A: Navigate to your ohyay homepage ( to see all your workspaces. Hover over your workspace's name and click on Clone.

Q: Is there a way to copy a room over to another space?
A: You can copy and paste rooms both within the same space and across spaces. While in Creator Mode, click on the room in the left-hand room list and hit Command-C. Paste it in your room list in your other workspace.

Linking/Embedding Workspaces

A: How do I link from one workspace to another?
A: In your element's "Link URL," you can put ohyay://ws_xxxxxx to link workspaces (where ws_xxxxx is the workspace ID from your workspace URL).

Q: How do you embed ohyay into a blog or webpage?
A: You can embed ohyay into an iframe on a webpage. First, grab the workspace URL as a viewer. It will look like or Next, put that URL into an iframe in your webpage.


Q: Can I prioritize certain regions?
A: Yes. If most of your attendees are in a particular region, you'll want to select that region in your Workspace Settings.


Q: Is there a way to turn off whispering globally throughout a workspace (or to change the default so that new video slots have whispering turned off by default)?
A: Yes, there is an "Enable Whispering" setting in your Workspace Settings under the "Defaults" category. Uncheck "Enable Whispering to turn it off globally. In the Workspace Settings, you can turn off/on quite a few settings globally.

Sending Announcements to All Guests

Q: How do I broadcast to all rooms to give instructions?
A: You can use the Shout To All Users functionality. Click on the megaphone icon above the Room List to appear on top of all rooms in the space; click again to come off screen.

You can also send an announcement message if you search for "Send Announcement" in your Room Settings.

Screen Sharing to All Rooms

Q: How do I share the same screen across all rooms?
A: Create a Participant Video that takes screen shares. Then create another Participant Video that takes screen shares and set Mirror Participant Element (under "Advanced" in its settings) to point to that original Participant Video.

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