🎨 Creating a Workspace

In ohyay, a workspace is a set of virtual rooms.

To create a new workspace from scratch:

  1. Click "Join Now" at the bottom of our website.
  2. Go to your ohyay homepage (
  3. Click "Create" under "Create a New Space."

🛠 Accessing Workspace Settings

Your Workspace Settings are the big-picture items that apply to your entire workspace. You'll want to configure the Workspace Settings before inviting people into your space.

To access your Workspace Settings in the right-hand panel:

  1. Click on "Workspace" in the menu at the top of your screen.
  2. Select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

🎨 Creating a Room

To add a room in your space, you have a few options:

  1. Create a blank room: Click on "Room" in the menu at the top of ohyay studio and select "New Room" from the dropdown.
  1. Import a room from the Room Gallery: Click on "Room" in the menu and select "Import Room" from the dropdown.

The Room Gallery is a collection of rooms published by our community of creators. You can filter rooms by "Tutorials" and "by ohyay," and publish your own under "Room" > "Publish Room."

⬆️ Moving a Room in the Room List

To move a room up and down the room navigator list:

  • Select the room and drag it, or use a keyboard shortcut (Command-⬆️ or Command-⬇️).

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