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Dim Lights

Hello! I am working on a space that has two actions buttons to dim the "lights" and then to turn them back on. My question is, is there a way to change the amount the lights are dimmed so that the audience can still see the room a little without it being pitch black background? If so, how would I do this? Thank you, Rebekah Torres


The front page says "get started for free" and "book a demo for large events". What is "large"? Presumably "large" events cost money? If I create a workflow for a classroom here, is it free? What if it's a "large" class? If it's free, will it probably be free next year? I realize that someone needs to pay for all of this, but please be up-front with how all of that works. It makes me extremely anxious to devote time and effort into building something with a platform when the details of the bill are vague/nonexistent.

Invite to audience

Hello, Is there a way to send a link to the workspace to audience members without requiring them to sign up? Or are all of the attendees required to sign up?

Make button visible when video ends

Hi fellow ohyay creators, I set up a video viewing room that has an unsynced video on autoplay when users enter. When the video ends (or approaching to the end), I hope to reveal a breakout button that allows user to click to move to another room (I hide the navigator as I want them to focus on the video). Is there a way to do this? Can I set that button to be visible after x number of seconds when user enter, or when the video hits a certain time it triggers the button to be visible? Thank you in advance.

Landing Page Background Media - Size

Hi, does anyone know the background media size for the landing page? I am hoping to design a graphic and make sure it fits well. Thank you :)

Can I randomly assign tags to users & elements using an action?

This is for a game we are developing. We want to randomly assign two users in the room with a tag at various times. Then clear that tag from those users after. Also, assign tags to object then clear them. These users will see more elements than the the other users for that game, or have to find the randomly tagged objects and move them to some spot.

How do I grant people access to Notes and Controls without giving them admin privileges?


Q: Is there a way to turn off whispering globally throughout a workspace (or to change the default so that new video slots have whispering turned off by default)?


How can I restrict room access to people with certain tags?


Can I kick a person out of my space if they're being disruptive?