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Restrict Access to rooms via tags, while enabling moving without Rooms Panel.

Hello there,

I have a workspace that is accessible to people without signing in (SECURITY set to "Allow Anonymous Users"). I'm using tags in combination with group invites to restrict access to certain rooms (with Room Menu>SECURITY>"Restrict Access User Tags" for restricted rooms ).
This works fine when navigating through the rooms panel, but I want a more immersive space, so I want to let users move by clicking "Action Buttons" to teleport themselves into the other rooms. When I do this, the tag restriction does not apply and any user who clicks the button can move to the restricted room. I tried Breakout Buttons, but the result is the same. Is there another Element that's more suitable for letting users move themselves to other rooms?

I do not want to hide the room/button (I want users to know about the layout of the space, I don't want to hide it), rather I would like it to show the same message explaining the restricted access, that appears, when clicking a restricted room in the room panel.