Action Button

A button that makes things happen to elements, rooms, users, or a workspace, such as showing rooms in the Rooms List or removing a user from a slot.

Actions allow you to create dynamic experiences in your spaces, and give both admin and users the ablity to control areas of the workspace and experience. They can be created with the Action Button element.

How do I add an Action Button to my room?

  1. Click on the icon. Click on to add action button to your room.
  1. The button will appear as a grey box in the middle of your room. You can move and resize the button with the blue boxes, and use the Toolbar to control the design of the button to match your room or goals.

How do I build an action?

Actions can be built using the Action Builder. To open the builder, click on Edit Action in the Toolbar.

The action builder is comprised of rows, where each row is an individual action or step of a larger action. Typically, a single row looks like this:


The first part of the row (in red) selects what to act on. This can be thought of as the target of the action. The available targets are:

  • An element in a room
  • A room
  • A user
  • Tagged elements
  • Tagged rooms
  • The workspace

The next part of the row (in blue) specifies the action to perform. In the example above, the action is to set the value of the visible property to true. The following actions are available:

  • Elements and Rooms
    • Set/append to property
    • Add/remove tag
    • Increase/decrease
    • Invoke a property
  • Users
    • Add/remove tags
    • Set/Append a property
    • Invoke a property

Possible actions include:

  1. Updating a room/element property
  2. Invoking a function on a room or element
  3. Modifying user tags
  4. Starting a video or music
  5. Moving a user between rooms

And many more!


Pair Actions with Tags

Pair actions with tags to create complex actions without an overwhelming amount of steps, or modify multiple elements at once.

Can I move multiple elements without having to input every step myself?

Actions can be used to adjust the properties of elements, including their position. Therefore, it is possible to create multiple versions of a room within one room by using buttons that adjust the position of the elements.

For complex rooms, it would be very tedious to manually create buttons that update the X, Y, width, and height of each element using individual steps.

The Snapshot Layout feature allows you to select elements and automatically create a button that positions them in their current position. If you move the elements later, you can use the button you created to return those elements to their original position.


For buttons that capture the entire room at one time, see Layout Buttons.

Can I make a button run automatically?

Absolutely! You can use apply on condition to set up conditions that will trigger the action of the element. Potential triggers include users entering a room, the number of users in a room, or even a user dragging one element near another.

Head over to the Apply on Condition doc for more detailed information.


Make other Elements Action Buttons

Here's a secret: other elements can be turned into an action button. When you look at the top of the Advanced Properties panel, if you see Action and the icon, you can open the Action Builder to turn it into an action button. Try it with text or an image to make your room come alive.

What’s Next

Curious what else you can do with Action Buttons? Check out some of our demo workspaces, chat with our creators in the discord, or head over to the community forums to ask!