Shadows play an important role in making elements blend into a scene on ohyay.

Types of Shadows

Ohyay support many types of shadows, such as CSS box shadows, drop shadows, and perspective shadows. The shadow properties panel can be found in any element properties panel below the borders and corners properties.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow cast a simple box shadow behind an element within the scene. Unlike CSS box shadow, drop shadow has the spread property which scales the shadow proportionately on all sides of the element. Below is an example of the drop shadow property with the spread property set to 4.

Perspective Shadow

The perspective shadow property places a shadow beneath an element to give a sense of depth to where the element sits in the scene. You can adjust shadows angle, blur, color, height, vertical offset and width to create believable shadows in your scene.

CSS Box Shadow

This type of shadow is specified in CSS format. Its supports horizontal offset, vertical offset, blur, and RGBA color format.

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