A Multiuser Video Chat or "grid chat" auto-populates based on how many are in it. As people come in, it auto fits them to the box that you set up.

Grid Chats are great for presentations, theatre settings, and classroom set ups.


  • Max Participants: You can have up to 16 people in a grid chat with their video on due to the max recommended videos per page being 12-16 in ohyay
  • Audience Mode: Add more participants in a grid chat by turning on audience mode, that rotates through a large number of users and shows an amount of users on screen at a time that you select.
  • Mute the Entire Grid Chat by turning Internal Volume and External Volume down to 0 under Playback.

Restricting who can join

The User Tag Filter property filters users who are able to join an auto-join grid-chat element by tag. Multiple tags can be entered by separating the tags with commas.

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