Arrange are a set of useful tools for resizing or aligning multiple elements on the canvas so that they match dimensions and are evenly spaced.

To start, select multiple elements (either by holding the Shift key and selecting more elements, or by dragging a rectangular region which will select all elements that overlap).

Once you have selected multiple elements, you can access the Arrange tools by either going to Element -> Arrange in the menu bar, or by right clicking:


Alight Left/Center/Right/Top/Middle/Bottom will move all of the selected elements so that they are aligned. For example, this is the result of selecting these elements and choosing Align Left:


Before Align Left


After Align Left

Similarly, match shortest/tallest/thinnest/widest will change the dimensions of all the elements to match.

Distribute horizontally/vertically will move the X or Y position of all elements so that they are evenly spaced out, either horizontally or vertically (the leftmost and rightmost elements, or topmost and bottommost in the vertical case, will not move). For example, here is a before and after from Distribute Vertically:


Before Distribute Vertically


After Distribute Vertically


Pro Tip

The menu stays open so you can quickly apply more than one of the arrange tools. For example, a typical case is to select a bunch of elements that should have the same size and be laid out aligned and evenly spaced- you might select match widest, match tallest, align left, and distribute vertically- the result will be all elements will be the same size, aligned in a vertical line and evenly spaced out.