The Take Picture element is a button-link element that captures a series of photos of the room when clicked. It must be accompanied by a Picture Strip element, which will display these photos.

This element can be used to make "photo booth" rooms where users drag props around the room to compose funny photos.


  • Cooldown Secs: The amount of time (in seconds) the button remains inactive after capturing a photo.

  • Countdown Secs: The amount of time (in seconds) that is displayed as a countdown before capturing the picture.

  • Hide Countdown: Hides the countdown timer before taking a photo

  • Image URL The image to use for the button. Accepts asset URLs.


  • Take Picture starts the picture taking process. The same as clicking on the button.

Hiding elements from the picture

Sometimes, it may be desirable to hide a specific element from the picture. For example, your room may contain a text element with instructions that you do not wish to display in the picture. Pictures are taken by bot users, and buttons and conditions can interact with these bots. This can be leveraged to hide elements from the bots. Each bot has a tag called _system_. To make an element that shows to normal users, but not to the photo taking bot, use the following Visible for Condition property:

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