Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity in ohyay.

Popular Shortcuts

You can find most of the below shortcuts in the menu bar (e.g. Edit > Undo, Room > Move Up).

Undo last actionControl + ZCommand + Z
Redo last actionShift + Control + ZShift + Command + Z
CopyControl + CCommand + C
CutControl + XCommand + X
PasteControl + VCommand + V
Send to BackShift + Control + Down ArrowShift + Command + Down Arrow
Bring to FrontShift + Control + Up ArrowShift + Command + Up Arrow
Move Up Rooms in Rooms ListControl + Up ArrowCommand + Up Arrow
Move Down Rooms in Rooms ListControl + Down ArrowCommand + Down Arrow
UnmuteHold down space barHold down space bar
Toggle Director ModeHold down AltHold down Option
Advanced Screen Share OptionsControl + ScreenshareCommand + Screenshare
Select the WorkspaceF1F1
Select the RoomF2F2
Select the ElementF3F3
Search in SettingsControl-? or Control-/Cmd-? or Cmd-/
Multi-Select Users in Rooms ListCommand + Click
Deform ElementHold down the 'd' keyHold down the 'd' key
Open Quick FindControl + PCommand + P
Segment tool - zoom in//outWindow + ScrollCommand + Scroll


Aria Labels + Tab Index

We provide ARIA labels and tab index for the system level icons (things like settings, etc), so users can navigate everything with the keyboard. See our Accessibility doc for more info.