Participant Video Elements are where the user's video stream would appear.
Without any Participant Video Elements placed in your scene, you won't be able to see anyone in the scene.

You can add participant video elements by clicking the Participant Video Element icon in the top toolbar.

Once a Participant Video Element is placed, you can resize and reshape the face bubble by clicking the participant element and click/drag the corner points.

Stylizing a Participant Video Element

Rounding corners
You can round the corners of participant video elements with the Corner Radius slider under BORDERS AND CORNERS

Add a Drop Shadow or Perspective Shadow
Adding a shadow to a Participant Video Element will give it a three-dimensional appearance.
The Drop Shadow effect will give the element a shadow behind it while the Perspective Shadow effect will add a shadow underneath the element.

👥 Adding a Multiuser Grid Chat to Your Room

To add a participant video element that can hold multiple people:

  1. Click on the "Multiuser Video Chat" icon at the top of ohyay studio.

A "grid chat" auto-populates based on how many are in it. As people come in, it auto fits them to the box that you set up.

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