Background segmentation allows a part of an image to be cut out and placed in a separate image element on top of the original. This can be used to create depth in a room and allow the users to feel more like they are in the background, rather than on it.

You can create as many segments as you need from the same background image.


To segment your background:

  1. Open your Room Settings Advanced Properties panel.
  2. Search for Segment Background under the Actions category.
  3. Click on Segment next to Segment Background.
  1. Click to make points around the region you want to segment and connect the points until the region turns red. The more points you make, the more precise the segmentation will be.


  1. Click Save. The segmented region will become its own image element, exactly on top of the original location, and should occlude any elements behind it.


Zooming In

You can hold the Cmd/Windows key and use your mouse wheel/two-finger scroll to zoom in and out to help you create more precise segments.