Closed Caption Display and Input

Closed caption display and closed caption input allow you to build a closed caption experience in ohyay. These are only relevant if you wish to have a scribe transcribe your event directly inside ohyay.

There are other ways to show closed captions. For instance, you can use a third party service like, or you can integrate with an automated captioning system like

In your room, insert a closed caption input element and a closed caption display element, like this:

Now, as the scribe types into the caption input box and hits enter, the last few lines will show up in the caption display:

The final step is to only show the caption input box to the scribe only, and only show the captions to users who want to toggle it on. To do this, make your caption input box Visible for Condition User has tag 'scribe', and then tag your scribe with the scribe tag. To make the captions toggle on/off per user, use a toggle button that adds and removes tags.

To download the transcript, go to Room Settings and click the View Transcript button.