A Toggle element is an interactive switch - it can be ON or OFF. By default, it is OFF and when a user clicks the toggle, it will switch to ON. If a user clicks it again, it will toggle to OFF.

You can control the appearance of the Toggle by setting the On Text and Off Text properties:

You can also display images for the toggle states by configuring the On Image and Off Image properties.

If you want to run an Action when toggling, you can configure the On Action and Off Action properties. The can be very useful to changing other elements when toggled on and resetting them when toggled off (eg. full screening, changing colors, starting and then resetting a timer).

See the ACTIONS documentation for more information on how to create an Action.


Sometimes you'll want the toggle to only work for the current user (and not everyone in the Room). For example. If you have an image that you want to fullscreen when click the Toggle and it should only fullscreen for the user that clicked the Toggle. To do this, check the For Current User Only property:

This will affect the display of the text, images, and running of the Action.

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