Room Folders

Folders are special rooms that provide a convenient way to organize rooms in your Admin Rooms List. To convert a room into a folder room, check the Is Folder option in the Advanced Properties panel of the room.


The Is Folder option controls whether or not a room is a folder room.

Once a room is marked as a folder room, you will see a icon next to the room name.


The folder icon next to the room name indicates that this room is a folder room

To add children to your folder room, drag and drop them onto the icon. Notice how the indentation of the children rooms changes once they're added to the folder.


Clicking on the icon will expand / collapse the folder list.


Additional Notes

  1. Groups of folders can be copy and pasted together. They will appear as a folder group when they are pasted.

  2. Newly created rooms (or rooms that have been pasted into a workspace) will appear in the same folder as the room the user creating the room is in.