Visible For Condition

The Visible For Condition property allows you to control the visibility of an element and is especially powerful when building escape rooms. For example, this demo shows how you can move an element to a certain position to reveal other elements in a room.

To edit an element's Visible For Condition property:

  1. Click on the element that you'd like to make visible when a specific condition is met.
  2. In the "Conditions" section of the element's settings, click on the pencil next to "Visible For Condition."
  1. Set up your condition in the Condition Builder.
  2. Click "Done."

Now, that element should only appear when your specified condition is met.

There are dozens of ways to configure the Condition Builder. Some common examples include:

  • Making an element visible when something else overlaps with it.
  • Making an element visible when other elements in the room become visible.


Visible For Users

When you're writing a condition for an element that is visible to a user, you don't need to include the element that you're writing the condition on. You'd simply set up the Condition Builder as User > Current User (instead of Element > Selected Element).

Visible For Condition is a great feature if you want to make breakout or layout buttons visible to only certain people, e.g. speakers or moderators.