Ohyay supports real-time multi-user painting in rooms:

To enable this, find the "Allow Painting" setting under the "Interaction" section of your Room Settings.

This will enable a paint tool above the right side of the room, to the left of your camera/mic controls:

When you click on that icon, it will put the Room into paint mode. You can click and drag anywhere to start painting. To change the color, you can hit the paint swatch next to the brush:

And you can change the brush width by clicking and dragging on the paint size tool:

To exit painting mode, the participant can click on the paintbrush icon again.

Cleaning Up

You can clean the paint up by clicking on the "Clear All Paint" button under the "Actions" section of your Room Settings.

If you want to clear all the paint with an Action Button, you can invoke "remove" on all elements with the tag "__scene_paint:"

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