A room preview is a live feed of another room in ohyay.

You might want to use room previews for:

  • Presentations: You can stream a presentation (e.g. wedding ceremony, graduation) into smaller, more intimate rooms.
  • Trivia: You can broadcast the room with the trivia master into different rooms within your workspace, and the trivia master won't get the chatter from individual teams.

To make a preview of another room:

  1. Click on "Element" in the menu. Select "Insert Element" and "Room Preview."
  2. Click on the empty frame that appears to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel.
  3. Click on "(None)" next to "Room to Preview" and select your room to preview.

You can customize a few different things in the settings of room previews:

  • Live Music Volume: If there's music in the room being previewed, you can adjust it using the slider.
  • Participant Audio: You can adjust the volume of the people talking in the room.
  • Participant Thumbnail Only: If checked, your room previews will only pull in emoji thumbnails of the participants in the room. If unchecked, it will pull in their videos.

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