Capacity Limit

Your workspace's capacity limit is the maximum number of people who can be in your workspace at once. After a workspace reaches its capacity limit, users trying to access the workspace will receive a "busy" message.

How do I change the Capacity Limit?

To set your workspace's capacity limit:

  1. Go to your workspace settings and click on Capacity Limit.
  2. Enter a number based on your expected RSVP count.

Why should I set my workspace capacity limit?

  • You should always make sure your capacity limit is set higher than the number of guests you expect- you don't want any users getting a busy message when you don't intend them to be closed out!
  • Hosting something on a first-come, first-served basis with limited spots? Well, then you do want users to see that busy message! Make sure your capacity limit is set to exactly the number you want.


Don't forget about staff!

Dont' forget to include staff, directors, or other volunteers helping to run the event who may not be included in your RSVP list.