Following allows you to have other participants automatically come along with you as you enter new rooms. For example, if you want to continue a conversation in a new room but you don't want the other participants to have to find and enter the room themselves, you can instead have them follow you into the new room.

You can set another participant as your follower by tapping on the person icon while hovering over their participant element.

After clicking on the button you will get a confirmation that the other participant has started following you. Now when you enter a different room, they will automatically enter it with you.

To view the list of participants that follow you, or to have a participant stop following you, click on the person icon in the top left corner of the room. Here you will see the list of participants following you, with the option to remove them. After removing a follower, they will no longer follow you if you leave the current room.

Your list of followers will persist between sessions within a workspace. It will not persist between workspaces.

Following can be disabled for the entire workspace through the Disable Follow workspace setting.

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