How can I record and stream in ohyay?

To record multiple rooms in your workspace, click on Workspace >Start Recording from the menu. You can ask the recording bot to follow you into different rooms by right clicking on it or drag it manually.

To record just one room, click on Room > Start Room Recording from the menu.

To view and download your recordings, click on Workspace > View Recordings from the menu.

See Recording & Streaming for more info.

Is it possible to stream ohyay to other platforms like YouTube?

Yes, we currently support streaming to any platform that supports RTMP (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). You can test this out via the Workspace > Start Recording menu item. In the pop-up, select Add Stream. See Recording & Streaming.

How do I link from one workspace to another? In your element's **Link URL,** you can put ohyay://ws_xxxxxx to link workspaces (where ws_xxxxx is the workspace ID from your workspace URL).
What are ohyay's bandwidth requirements from the client side?

It depends on how many users are on screen at once. We recommend people have at least a 10Mbps downlink and 2.5Mbps uplink to have good multiparty conversations.

What are the ideal video requirements to display a video element?

We recommend that your video use the mp4 format, encoded using h264 for the video and aac for the audio, with a bitrate at most 3.5 megabits/second. The UI only allows a 2GB maximum upload size. Contact us at [email protected] if you'd like us to upload a bigger video to your space.

Is there a way to schedule a video to play in a room?

There is a Scheduled Start Times property on the video element that you can use.

How do I play a video so that all users are watching at the same time?

Hide the controls in the web media settings (if they're not already hidden) and manually hit play when you're ready for the video to start.

How do I break people into different rooms?

Breakout Buttons let you control user movement in a space. They are very powerful and can be configured to do many different things related to moving users. They can be used for creating temporary breakout rooms, moving users from one room to another, or moving users from one user slot to another.

How can the audience ask questions during my panel?

Click on the Plus Icon in the Toolbar and search Question Board to add a Question Board where people can submit questions publicly. You can also add a Click to Join (see JOIN MODES (AUTO, CLICK, MANUAL) slot if you'd like guests to come on screen to ask their questions.

How do I add PNGs to the backpack?

You can create an image element and then mark it as Takeable. Then users will be able to add it to their backpacks. If you want multiple takeable copies, you can use Take Clone.

Is there a way to clear the workspace and room chats?

In Editor Mode, select any chat element. Search for Clear at the top of the Advanced Properties panel or scroll down to the bottom, until you see the Actions section. Click Clear next to Clear All Chats in Workspace to clear all chats across your workspace. Hit Clear next to Clear Chats to clear just the selected chat element. (You can also make an ACTION BUTTON to invoke these if you wish).

How do I restrict user slots to specific people?

There are a few ways to restrict user slots. You can follow the below steps to restrict by user email, or learn about [Tags](doc:tags for other methods:

  1. Select the User Video slot to pull up its settings in the Advanced Properties panel.
  2. In the User Assignment section at the top of the panel, change Auto to Manual.
  3. Enter the email address associated with the person you want to tie to that user slot. Now, only that person will appear in the slot.
How do I make an element that will host the image/video during a screen share?

Select your User Slot, and at the top of the Advanced Properties panel, there is the User Assignment section. Click on the icon next to Auto and it will change to a monitor. The element will automatically grab screen shares after that. You can also insert a screen share element directly from the Element menu (Element > Participants > Screenshare).

How do I restore my workspace to a previous version?

We automatically save and back up your workspaces.

To restore your workspace to a previous version:

  1. Click on Workspace Settings > Workspace Versions from the menu.
  2. Click on a backup name from the list to restore your space to a previously saved version.
How do I copy a workspace?

Navigate to the Workspace Gallery. Hover over your workspace's name and click on Clone. You will only be able to copy workspaces that you have Admin Access to.

How do I keep track of my latest workspace when I have so many workspaces in progress?

Click on the pin next to the the name of your workspace in the Workspace Gallery so that it stays on the top of your list.

What does the **click** option in User Assignment do?

That makes the slot a click-to-join — meaning people won't automatically appear in the slot, but they can click to join it.

Can 2-3 user elements reference the same user?

They can. One of the user slots is the "normal" one that receives the user (either by auto-join, click to join, or manual assignment). The other user slots should have the mirror participant element" property set to the "normal" element. See MIRROR PARTICIPANT ELEMENT.

Is it possible to set a green screen and/or blur function for the backgrounds of the user videos?

You can use a green screen if you actually do have a green screen behind you. Search for Chroma Key Out in the User Slot advanced properties, where you will find it under the Advanced section. You can also download Snap Camera ( and use it to blur your background.

In a meeting where different people take turns to speak, how can I auto-highlight speakers?

Click on the speaker's user slot to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel. Search for Audio Indicator and check the box next to Show Audio Indicator.

How do I enable the **carousel** option for multi-user slots, so more than 20 people can rotate on and off screen?

To set your multi-user slot to Audience Mode:

  1. Click on the multi-user slot to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel.
  2. Set the max amount of people who can be in the multi-user slot. (If you will have 50 people in the room at the same time, up the max users to 50).
  3. Search for Audience Mode at the top of the Advanced Properties panel and check the box next to it.
  4. Adjust the default number of Audience Users (6) to appear in the Audience Mode grid chat and adjust the Audience Rotation Time with the slider.
Is there a way to track who attends my event?

Click Users in the menu at the top of ohyay and select Manage Users in the dropdown. If you haven't checked Allow Anonymous Users in your Workspace Settings, you'll see a list of people who have entered your space.

What formatting should be used for uploading users' addresses with tags attached for CSV?

Two columns: first is the email address, second is tags. If you have more than one tag, the tags should be comma-separated and the entire column surrounded by “” so that it remains as two columns. If you use Excel, it will do that part for you automatically.

Is there any way to have guests register for an event? Can I create a link that would take the guest to a registration form which would then unlock the ohyay workspace ID?

We recommend using a 3rd party registration/ticketing platform and uploading the list of email addresses into ohyay. After you do that, you can have ohyay send out an invite email to all of them with a personal link.

How can I enable contact sharing between users?

In your Workspace Settings, under Defaults, check Enable Contact Info Exchange. Users can fill out their contact info in their settings. They can hover over another guest's user slot and click on the contact book icon to send them their information.

Is there a way to change the video quality of a select number of user videos or is it something that has to be applied to all videos in a workspace?

You can either choose certain people to have higher video quality based on tag (in the Workspace Settings) or you can mark certain user slots as higher quality in the settings of each element.

I’m not sure how many guests to expect at my event. Can I include extra rooms in my space just in case, and turn them on if a lot of people show up?

Yes! Adding new rooms as the event progresses is a great way to keep things exciting and manage the number of people in each room. To turn a room on and off, check/uncheck the box next to Show in Room Navigator in your room's settings.

Is there a way to stop the emojis from the reaction bar from interfering so much in the room?

Yes. You can adjust how high up the emojis go when triggered, among other settings. In your room's settings, under Reactions, you'll find Reaction Emoji Height. Try sliding this down to .10-.20, and see how the emojis appear lower on the screen.

How can I disable the pop sound on text reactions?

Click to disable Play Sound for Text in your room settings.

How do I add a live Google Doc to my room?

You can add an iFrame of any website by clicking on by clicking on the plus icon in the Toolbar, and searching Website/ Iframe. Enter the URL to the website in the text box next to Start URL in the iFrames' settings in the Advanced Properties panel.

Is there a way to allow users to draw on-screen?

We have an Allow Painting property in the rooms that gives users the ability to paint right on the scene.

Is there a way to copy a room and have it create a template?

You can use the APPLY TEMPLATE ROOM CHANGES to have a common element run through an entire space.

How do you embed ohyay into a blog or webpage?

You can embed ohyay into an iframe on a webpage. First, grab the workspace URL as a viewer. It will look like or Next, put that URL into an iframe in your webpage.

Is there a way to turn off whispering globally throughout a workspace (or to change the default so that new video slots have whispering turned off by default)?

Yes, there is an Enable Whispering setting in your Workspace Settings under the Defaults section. Uncheck Enable Whispering to turn it off globally.

How do I share the same screen across all rooms?

Create a User Slot that takes screen shares. Then create another user slot that takes screen shares and set Mirror Participant Element (under "Advanced" in its settings) to point to that original user slot.

I don't want to leave my workspace open so that anyone can enter at any time. How can I "lock down" my event?

We recommend having a "landing page" as your first room and checking the Hide Room Navigator setting, so that guests coming into your workspace will be "stuck" on that page. If you're in Editor or Director Mode, you can still drag them into another room. Please note- if guests have a direct link to a specific room they could still access it. Set your workspace to password-protected or invite-only if you wish to only allow users with a password, or specific users, to access the workspace.

How can I restrict room access to people with certain tags?

Click on Room in the menu bar and select Settings to access your room settings. In the Security category, you can modify these settings by checking Restrict Access to Select Users.