Q: How do I break people into different rooms?
A: Follow this section in THE BASICS: PART TWO or watch "The Basics: Part Two" video ( You should also read BREAKOUT BUTTON . You can also follow a tutorial on breakout buttons in the Room Gallery ("Room" > "Import Room.")

Q: Can participants create their own breakout rooms?
A: Yes, they can. Put a Breakout Button into the room in "Temporary- New Rooms" mode, then choose "Invite Users" under "Select users and rooms." Then when any user clicks that button, they'll be prompted to invite people to a new temporary room.

Q: Can I make an element (such as a breakout button) on the main screen visible only to users with specific tags?
A: Yes, here is a property called "Visible For Condition." Set the condition to "User has tag X".

Q: Can I create a breakout button that brings participants to a permanent room of a given capacity, and then creates a duplicated room that will continue taking participants once that original room is full?
A: You can set up the initial room as a template room and then choose the Breakout button "Temporary- Reuse Existing" with your template room and size=12 for example. The first person to click the button will create a new room. The next 11 people to click it will go into that first room. The 13th person to click will create a new room - and so on.

Q: Is it possible to make a breakout room automatically close or move participants to another room at the end of a timer?
A: There is a "Time to live minutes" option in the breakout configuration that will automatically return participants to the fallback room once a given amount of time has expired.

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