Video elements allow you to integrate video into your ohyay spaces.

Inserting a Video Element

To insert a video element into your room:

  1. Click on Element > Media > Video in the menu.
  1. Your asset library, a collection of all media in your space, will appear. You can: (1) click on a video that you've uploaded into your space, (2) upload a video from your computer, or (3) upload a video from Google Drive.
  1. After you've uploaded your video, click on the video element to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel. Search for Playback at the top of the panel or scroll down until you see the Playback section.
  1. In this section, you'll be able to adjust some important properties, including:
  • Loop: Your video will start playing again after it finishes playing.
  • Play on User Enter: Your video will play automatically when any user enters the room.
  • Show Controls: When set to Everyone, your guests will be able to play, stop, and fast forward the video. You can also restrict the controls to admins.
  • Volume: The audio volume of the media.
  1. The next important section in your video element's section is Actions. In the Actions section, you can make the video play, stop, etc.


Dragging Actions From the Settings Panel

It's really useful to click on an action in the settings panel and drag it into your Notes and Controls panel. This automatically creates an action button that you can use to control the video element.

Upload Size and Format

The upload file size limit for videos in ohyay is 2GB.

Typically for most universal synchronized playback, we recommend h264 mp4 at about 2-3mbps.

We typically do 1280x720 or 1920x1080 depending on content type and amount of action, and will automatically transcode videos automatically to approximately these specs.

Content Heavy Spaces

If videos are being shown in same room, we typically recommend using a single video element and switching out the URL via Action Buttons. If you have all of your videos as separate video elements, ohyay tries to pre-buffer them all when people come in the room, which can cause issues for lower bandwidth users.

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