Usage Report

Under the Workspace menu, admins can now pull a basic usage report on an event workspace for a specified date/time range and download it as a separate file for import into a spreadsheet.

To view and/or download your usage report:

  1. Go to Workspace > Usage Report from the menu bar. Click on Usage Report.
  1. Select the times and dates of the time period for which you'd like to run the report. For example, if you're most interested in getting data from a specific hour of your event, adjust the start and end times to just capture that hour of the day. Selecting larger time ranges will take longer to return results.

  2. Click on Get Room Usage (to get data on unique users, time per user, total time) or Get Reaction Emoji Usage (to see the number of reactions used per minute).



Reaction Collection Usage

You'll need to check the box next to Reaction Collection Usage in your Workspace Settings before your event, in order for the Reaction Emoji Usage report to record reactions.

Click on Get Room Usage and you'll see a usage report with the active rooms, unique users, time spent per user, and total time:


Scroll to the bottom of the report to see Total Time Spent, Unique Users, and Average User Time.


Click on Get Reaction Emoji Usage and you'll see the number of specific reaction emojis used per minute. This can tell you a lot about your audience's overall sentiment (how your event was received):

  1. Click on Download Report to download your report as a CSV file.
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