Adding music to your room

  1. In the Toolbar, click Music.
  2. Click on the icon next to Live Music URL to upload an MP3 file, or drop a link to a YouTube playlist in the text box next to the icon.


Playing music in your room

Click on the note at the top of the Admin Rooms List to start the music across the entire workspace.

In the Advanced Properties panel, search Music and click the play button next to Play Room Music.


Autoplaying your music

To have music automatically playing in a room whenever the room loads, use the toggle next to Autoplay in the music dropdown on the Toolbar.


The autoplay property will play music as soon as someone enters the room.

Adding music to your workspace

Like rooms, you can add music to your entire workspace. This is done from the Advanced Properties panel.


Rooms without music will play workspace music if the workspace music is playing. You can override this behavior by selecting the Disable Space Music option in the Room Settings.



If you simply want to play some music without thinking too much about it, you can use one of ohyay's predefined "mood" playlists. Try listening to some of the options and see what vibes match your space! You can find these in the Advanced Properties panel.


Once a mood is set, playing the music works the same as using the URL or asset based methods.