We recommend a 1920 x 1080 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) for background images. You can also upload a video as your background.

Adding a background

  1. Click anywhere in the canvas to change your Toolbar to the Room Settings
  2. Click on Background to open the dropdown.
  3. Click on Choose Image to open the asset library.
  4. Select a background asset from the Asset Library or click Choose File to upload a new image or video.



You can also change the color and gradient of the default black background, instead of uploading a background image.

Using a video as your background

To add a video background to your room:

  1. Open the Room Settings Advanced Properties panel.
  2. Click the icon next to Video.
  1. Upload a video to your asset library.
  2. Select that video from your asset library, this video will become the background for the given room.