ohyay has built-in recording and streaming functionality. Streaming works with popular providers such as Youtube Live, Vimeo, and Twitch. Any streaming provider that allows RTMP input will work with ohyay. To get started with streaming and recording, open the Workspace menu and select Start Recording...

Once you select Start Recording... you will be presented with three options.

  1. In-Room is a feature that lets you broadcast one room in your space into all the other rooms in the space. This is useful if you're having a social event with many different rooms and you want to share a message from the hosts without forcing people into an auditorium. This option also creates a recording for later viewing.

  2. The Record option records the space for later viewing.

  3. The Stream option sends an RTMP stream to a streaming platform like Twitch. A recording is also created for later viewing.

Streaming Options

ohyay supports sending streams to multiple streaming providers. Simply provide the RTMP base URL and streaming key from your provider to start a stream.

Switching Rooms

When you start a recording or a stream, the room that you're currently in will be the target of the recording. All activity in this room will be recorded.

The red dot next to the room name indicates that this room is the "live" room. The hollow dots next to the other rooms are clickable and allow you to change the live room. This lets you record and stream events that move throughout your space.

Viewing Recordings

Recordings can be viewed using the Workspace > Manage Recordings menu item.

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