Referrer Only

If your guests will be signing into a secure website (a company portal, for example) before accressing your workspace, you may want to use Referrer Only access to your workspace. This is best for when guests have already signed into a secure website and you don’t need them to sign into ohyay as well.

You'll provide an HTTP address, and ohyay will only let users access the space if they have come directly from that address.

How do I set up Referrer Only access?

  1. Open your Workspace Settings and navigate to the Security category in the Advanced Properties panel.
  2. Click on All Users next to Authorization to pull up a dropdown menu.


  1. Select Referrer Only.
  2. Click on the icon next to Referers.
  3. In the dialogue that opens, enter the HTTP address that users will use to gain access to the workspace.

How is Referrer Only different from Invite Only?

With invite only, you are generating individual links for users that can have time limits and add tags. With referrer only, you are not generating any links- you're just telling ohyay where to allow users to access the space from.