Double-sided Image is an element that holds two images and can show either one. One common use case for it is a card.

After you insert a Double-sided Image, you will be prompted to select the primary image. Select the secondary image via the “Image URL, Alternate” property.

The primary image will show by default, but there will now be two small icons in the lower corners if a user hovers over it:

The lower left icon will flip the image and show the other one to all users in the room. The lower right icon will “peek” the image, and allow only you to see the other image for a few seconds. You can control who can click these icons by using the “Interaction Restricted to User Tags” property.

You can also programmatically flip the image by toggling the “Flipped” property on it.

It’s easy to build card games using double sided images (you can import a full deck of cards from the Room Gallery) or build your own games.

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