👏 Customizing Your Room's Reactions

To enable and customize reactions in your room:

  1. Check the box next to "Enable Reactions" under the "Reactions" section of the Room Settings.
  2. Click on the pen icon and select the emojis you'd like to appear in the Reactions Bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Adjust the "Reaction Emoji Height," which is how high the emojis rise on the canvas, to your liking.

There are a few other options in the "Reactions" section of Room Settings:

  • Allow Bitmoji Reactions: Allows your audience to send reactions associated with their bitmoji.
  • Allow Custom Reactions: Allows your audience to choose their own emojis to react with.
  • Allow Private Reactions: Allows participants to send private reactions to other participants.
  • Allow Text Reactions: Allows your audience to send chats from the Reactions Bar that disappear after a few seconds on screen.
  • Audio Reaction Volume: Adjust the volume of sound effects created by reactions.
  • Enable Audio Reactions: When checked, the clapping emoji reaction will produce audio. The more people click the emoji reaction, the louder the applause.
  • Allow Custom Reactions: Allows you to add a logo or photo as a default emoji.



Most of these settings can be applied not only within each individual room but also to a workspace as a whole.

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