Shouting is a useful way to communicate a message to all of the guests at your event, simply by coming up at the top of the screen. You can also use Announcements if you'd like to deliver a non-verbal, written message simultaneously to every room in your workspace.

To use the Shout feature and broadcast yourself into all rooms in the workspace:

  1. Above your Rooms List, click on the icon. You'll appear at the top of everyone's rooms in your workspace.
  2. Click on the icon again when you no longer want to be seen or heard by everyone in the workspace.

You can also click on the icon, hold it down like a walkie-talkie, and release it when you want to stop shouting.

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You might want to Shout To All Users in the following situations:

  • You're welcoming people to your event.
  • You're announcing that the event is ending.
  • You are about to move your guests to another room. You might say: "In about 30 seconds, we're going to bring you into the auditorium room."
  • You want to be seen and heard in a room where you don't have a user slot.


In the menu, navigate to Users > Stop All Shouts to immediately stop all shouts across your entire workspace.