Testing with Bots

To test complicated workspaces before an event, it can be useful to add Test Bots to your workspace.

Test Bots look like Fake Users but they have configurable names, tags, and audio/video streams, so you can test out your Breakout Buttons, volume controls, and anything else you may have created.

Creating and Modifying Test Bots

To create a Test Bot, make sure your Toolbar is set to Room Settings by clicking anywhere in the canvas. Click on the icon in the Toolbar to create a Test Bot.


This will put a new Test Bot into your current room. If you select your Test Bot's thumbnail in the Admin Rooms List, you can modify its Name or Tags like you would with a normal user:


In addition, you can select the audio and video track to use for this Test Bot under the Testing category. You can also drag this Test Bot to other rooms and perform actions on it like you would any other user.

Removing All Test Bots

Test Bots remain in your workspace until they are removed. Unlike Fake Users, Test Bots will be seen by any user that comes into the workspace, so you may want to remove all Test Bots before your event. You can remove all Test Bots at once by using the Remove All Test Bots action under Workspace Settings: