A slideshow element allows you to show a series of images in sequence. It can be operated by anyone in a space by clicking the left and right arrows in viewer mode to move through images.

Adding a Slideshow Element

Navigate to Element > Media > Slideshow from the menu to insert a slideshow element.

Adding Assets to Your Slideshow

  1. Edit the assets under Image URLs in the Slideshow Element's properties:
  1. In the uploader, click Add to an image to the slideshow.
  2. Choose an image to use in the slide show and click Done.
  3. Repeat this to add more images to the slideshow carousel. You can drag and drop new images in bulk anywhere into the uploader.

Lastly, place the slideshow where you want in your space by dragging and resizing it. Now, you can use the white arrows on either side of the slideshow to move thorough images.

Turning Off the Slideshow Navigation

If you want to turn off the slideshow navigation, change the settings under Slide Controls to None. Now, only admins can control the slideshow with the left and right arrows.

Automating Slideshows

  1. First, disable Slide Controls (see above).
  2. Check Play on User Enter in the element's properties to have the slideshow automatically begin when someone enters the space.


Triggering the Slideshow

If you want to trigger the slide show on some other action, configure an action button to do so.

  1. Next, set the Slide Duration that each slide should stay on screen for:
  1. Finally, if you want to loop the slide show check Loop in the element properties:

Slideshow Transitions

You can add different slideshow transitions to your slideshow.

Under the Element category of the slideshow’s settings, select Fade next to Slide Transition and choose either Immediate or Blur from the dropdown.

Enable User Editing

Click on your slideshow to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel and check Enable User Editing under the Interaction Category. Your guests in Viewer Mode will now be able to hover over your slideshow and upload their own images upon seeing the arrow at the bottom appear.

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