The "Room Schema Element" allows you to join a template room and a list of data to generate multiple rooms. Each generated room is a copy of the template that has been updated to reflect the provided data.

Data Format

Test Room 1,Hello,World
Test Room 2,Foo,Bar

Above is a sample set of data that can be added to a room schema element. Data is added to the room schema element in CSV format. The CSV must include a header. The first column must be called title. The other columns have the format element_title[property_name]. In the example, two rooms will be generated from the template. The template must contain an element with title el1 and an element with title el2.

The above data will generate two rooms from the template. The first room's title will be Test Room 1 and it will have the text of 'el1' set to Hello and the text of el2 set to World. Similarly, the second room will be titled Test Room 2 and the text of el1 and el2 will be Foo and Bar respectively.

Room References

One thing you may want to do is to reference values from another room inside of your data. For instance, you maybe want to link to a specific room. In the CSV data, values with the form ${room:RoomTitle}[id] will select the id value from the room with title RoomTitle.

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