Jigsaw Puzzle

Create a jigsaw puzzle for your guests to assemble.

A jigsaw puzzle might just be the missing piece to your virtual event. To create a jigsaw puzzle with one click of a button, follow these steps:

  1. Add an image element by clicking the Plus sign and selecting the image icon.
  1. Position your image on the canvas however you'd like. Typically, you'll want it to take up a large part of the canvas. Click on the image and open its Advanced Properties panel.
  1. Search for Jigsaw at the top of the Properties Panel or scroll down until you see Jigsaw Image in the Actions category.
  1. Click on Jigsaw next to Jigsaw Image.
  1. Adjust the numbers of rows and columns of jigsaw pieces and click Go.

You'll see a message pop up that says "Creating jigsaw..." and updates live, based on how many pieces are done. Wait until the message disappears.

And there you go — your puzzle is complete!


If you'd like, you can add a Multiuser Video Chat on both sides of the puzzle so your guests can chat on-screen as they assemble it.

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