Custom Invite Emails

You can upload a custom email template to ohyay for your workspace's invite emails. To get started, use a tool like Unlayer to create a template.

Template Variables

Variables can be inserted into templates by using mustache syntax, which is the variable name surrounded by a pair of {{ }}. For instance, if there is a variable named inviteUrl, you can insert this value into your template using {{ inviteUrl }}. ohyay exposes the following variables in the invite template:

  • name - The name of the invite sender
  • nameOfSpace - The title of your workspace
  • inviteUrl - A URL containing a unique code for each invite email that grants a user access to your space.

Below is an example of creating a button in Unlayer and having that button open the invite url


Importing Templates from Unlayer

Templates can be exported to a zip file using the export button.


Once you get the zip file, you can upload it to ohyay in the Users menu.


Now, when you send out invites, they will use your custom template.