Max Participants

Q: How do I ensure that everyone in a room shows up on screen?
A: Set the number of Max Participants in Room Settings to match the number of available video slots. If there are more participants than available video slots, anyone who enters the room (when there are no slots remaining) will be an off-screen observer.

Q: How do I restrict video frames to specific people?
A: Follow these steps:

  1. Select the Participant Video element to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel.
  2. In the User Assignment section at the top of the panel, change “Auto” to “Manual."
  3. Enter the email address associated with the person you want to tie to that participant frame. Now, only that person will appear in the frame.

Q: How do I make an element that will host the image/video during a screen share?
A: Select your Participant Video, and at the top of the Properties panel, there is the User Assignment section. Click on the camera icon next to “Auto” and it will change to a monitor. The element will automatically grab screen shares after that. You can also insert a screen share element directly from the Element menu (Element > Participants > Screenshare).

Q: What does the "click" option in User Assignment do?
A: That makes the slot a click-to-join — meaning people won't automatically appear in the seat, but they can click to join it.

Q: Can 2-3 participant elements reference the same user?
A: They can. One of the participant elements is the "normal" one that receives the user (either by auto-join, click to join, or manual assignment). The other participant elements have the "mirror participant element" property set to the "normal" element. See MIRROR PARTICIPANT ELEMENT.

Participant Editing

Q: Is it possible to set a green screen and/or blur function for the backgrounds of the participant videos?
A: You can use a green screen if you actually do have a green screen behind you. Search for "Chroma Key Out" in the Participant Element settings. You can also download Snap Camera ( and use it to blur your background.

Q: In a meeting where different people take turns to speak, how can I auto-highlight speakers?
A: Click on the speaker's participant video element to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel. Search for "Audio Indicator" and check the box next to "Show Audio Indicator."

Audience Mode

Q: How do I enable the "carousel" option for multi-user video chat, so more than 20 people can rotate on and off screen?
A: To set your grid chat to Audience Mode:

  1. Click on the grid chat to pull up its settings in the right-hand panel.
  2. Set the max amount of people who can be in the grid chat. (If you will have 50 people in the room at the same time, up the max participants to 50).
  3. Search for "Audience Mode" at the top of the settings and check the box next to it.
  4. Adjust the default number of "Audience Participants" (6) to appear in the "Audience Mode" grid chat and adjust the "Audience Rotation Time" with the slider.

Q: In multi-user carousels, can we have an option to only show users with live cameras to avoid having a bunch of icons rotating through?
A: If you add the tag "filter camera_on," then only users with their camera turned on will be shown.

User Management

Q: Is there a way to track who attends my event?
A: Click "Users" in the menu at the top of ohyay studio and select "Manage Users" in the dropdown. If you haven't checked "Allow Anonymous Users" in your Workspace Settings, you'll see a list of people who have entered your space.

Q: What formatting should be used for uploading CSV users addresses with tags attached?
A: Two columns: first is the email address, second is tags. If you have more than one tag, the tags should be comma separated and the entire column surrounded by “” so that it remains as two columns. If you use Excel, it will do that part for you automatically.

Q: Is there any way to have attendees register for an event? Can I create a link that would take the attendee to a registration form which would then unlock the ohyay workspace ID?
A: We recommend using a 3rd party registration/ticketing platform and uploading the list of email addresses into ohyay. After you do that, you can have ohyay send out an invite email to all of them with a personal link.

Q: Is it possible to have all participants in a space follow you, so you don't have to click on each one individually?
A: Click on Users > All Users In Room Follow in the menu bar.

User Interaction

Q: Is there a way for participants to message each other individually?
A: This can be done via reactions. Users can change "This Room" in the Reactions Bar to another user.

Q: How can I enable contact sharing between participants?
A: In your Workspace Settings, under "Defaults," check "Enable Contact Info Exchange." Participants can fill out their contact info in their settings. They can hover over another guest's participant element and click on the contact book icon to send them their information.

Video Quality

Q: Is there a way to change the video quality of a select number of participant videos or is it something that has to be applied to all videos in a workspace?
A: You can either choose certain people to have higher video quality based on tag (in the Workspace Settings) or you can mark certain participant elements as higher quality in the settings of each element.

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